My oldest Grandaughter

I’m a jack of all trades and a master of none. Dad use to say that when I was growing up, I guess it means I’m still learning.

I hope to learn all my life. I’ve certainly learned a lot from having twelve children to raise and two different husbands. katescorner-review is basically about the things I have learned in my life and am still learning, also things I love and some things I don’t like will come out here too. Who I am is what I want to share with you and maybe something you read can help you on your life’s journey. Thank you for coming and taking this journey with me.

Nov 2015

My granddaughter spent the weekend with me, It was Thanksgiving. She has grown up a lot since this picture. She’s  two now and I love how she says I love you Grandma. My other little granddaughter gets her mom’s phone and calls me all the time. Its so cute. She’s only 18 months old.