clothes lineWhen I was a child we had a clothes line in our backyard and we always had it full of diapers, towels and other  things. I  helped my mom hang them out and then when I was older I would take the heavy baskets out by myself and hang the clothes on the line. Mom had a hanger with what I called a little dress on it with the bottom sewn shut. We kept all the clothespins in it . If we left the pins  on the line when the clothes were taken in, the wind would blow them off then we got in trouble and had to try to find them in the grass.

I loved to pin the clothes on the line and take them off when they were dry. I  loved the smell of the fresh air in the clothes as I carried them into the house. The part I hated was folding every thing. I always tried to get out of that job. Now days you don’t see clothed lines in peoples backyards. We have fancy washers and dryers to do the work for us. I happen to have a clothes line  in my basement. I like to throw my blankets on the line and let them dry. It reminds me of the good old days. : )


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