What are some of your favorite Christmas memories?

When I was a kid we lived in the country by the mountains. The week before Thanksgiving my Mom would go to town and buy us a three dollar permit for a Christmas tree, then on Thanksgiving day while Mom cooked the turkey we went with Dad on a trip up the mountains to get our Christmas tree. Some years it was easy, there was just a little snow on the ground, and other years it was more difficult with very deep snow. But my Dad always made it up the mountain no matter what the weather. When we got as far as we could, we all got out and trudged through the snow looking for just the right tree. Trees you find in the mountains aren’t like trees you buy from a tree lot. You can never find one that is perfect on every side and that ‘s what I loved about them, each one never look like the one before. Sometimes we fell in love with the most scrawny tree and took it home to make it beautiful. We always looked for a Colorado Blue Spruce, they are the most beautiful. And as we didn’t live were they normally grew it was a challenge. Some years we couldn’t get as high into the mountains as the Blue Spruce  grew so we’d have to settle for another kind of tree, but when we did find one it was always the best Christmas. When we got home with our tree, Dad would cut some of the bottom branches off and stand it up in a big bucket of rocks so we could keep it watered well. That was my job, to water it. Mom liked to keep the tree up till after New Years so the big bucket kept our tree from getting too dry. I loved the smell of the real pine tree.

After a day or two we would help Mom get the decorations out 6a00e54ffe2ad388330148c6a8211f970c-400wito put on the tree. First we put on the lights and then we threaded popcorn and fresh cranberries together to make long strings that we wrapped around the tree from top to bottom. Then our tree was ready for decorations. We had a lot of homemade things we put on the tree and Mom would try to get one special ornament for that year. I remember one year she found one with a bird song in it. I would turn it on and sit by the tree at night listening to the song over and over. I can still remember how it sounded. Over the years everyone else got really tired of that ornament and didn’t want to put it on the tree, but I always loved it and couldn’t wait to turn it on every year.Then came then big moment when Mom said we could turn on the lights. That was the beginning of our holiday season.

We played board games and there was always lots of food even if there wasn’t a lot of variety. We had Christmas music playing in the house all month long and there was always Christmas present secrets we kept from each other. I have so many great Christmas memories. I thank my parents for making Christmas such a wonderful magical time for our family Night before Christmas





2014 Christmas tree We had blue lights on our tree




I love this winter wonderland outside my door, but I'm glad this week the sun ☀is shining 😀and the snow is all melted away.

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