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I make fresh baked homemade bread, dinner rolls, and cinnamon rolls. If you would like some, Facebook message me or email me at kateswebsites2@gmail.com20160403_100459






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Cinnamon Rolls    $6.00 a doz

Dinner Rolls         $4.00 a doz — White or Wheat

Wheat Bread        $5.00 a loaf

White Bread         $4.00 a loaf





I also make dinner roll dough you bake yourself and enjoy HOT from your own oven.

$3.00 a doz — White or Wheat 20160405_104634

My friend asked me if I could give her some dinner ideas, so here goes.





Canned Beef chunks or Chicken chunks

Salt & Pepper

Other spices you may like to cook with

Personally I like Basil and Dasher salt

First you make a white sauce by melting 3 tsp of butter in a frying pan. Then you mix 3 to 4 Tbs of flour in with your whisk or fork. It should be kind of dry. I let my flour and butter mixture brown for a couple of minutes stirring occasionally.I stir about 4 cups of milk in the mixture and the juice off the can of meat. I stir it on medium high heat with my whisk until it thickens. You don’t want it too thick so if you need to you can add some milk or water to the sauce. I throw the meat in it while it’s thickening. Now it’s time to throw the noodles in, they need to be cooked. If I’m using egg noodles I put in about half a bag of them, if spaghetti noodles about a 17 oz. bag. You want the sauce to get in the noodles so don’t put in too many. As they warm up together stir the sauce up into the noodles. Add salt and pepper to taste. If you feel like it’s too thick just add some more milk or water to it. You can make this recipe smaller or bigger by adding to it or taking away from it. This is my quick meal if I don’t have time to cook something that takes longer. If you cooked to many noodles for spaghetti save them for this meal. Half the job is already done that way. More to come


Have you made pizzas from tortilla shells? My kids love them and can make them themselves.


Tortilla shells, a bottle of spaghetti sauce, I use my homemade bottled kind, and toppings.

Cheese, summer sausage, black olives, hamburger, mushrooms, bell peppers, any thing your family likes for toppings. This is just a list of toppings my family likes.

Spread the sauce on, then put on the toppings. I like to put on the meat, a little cheese then the other topping with more cheese on top. Pop them in the oven at 350 for about ten to twelve minutes and personal pan pizza’s!