When I was a teenager I used to watch the Utah Jazz play basketball with my Dad. That was during the years Mark Eaton4Mark-Eaton was the Jazz center. Mark was big and tall 7’4″ and a lot of people called him clumsy, but I was amazed at how he could run and jump being that big. He would make five baskets sometimes in games.

I met him once. One of the stores in  our area invited him out for a promotion. My Mom sold advertising for a paper so she knew about him coming. I was excited to meet Mark Eaton but shy at the same time, he was my hero  in basketball. When my brothers and I went in, there was Mark all 7’4″ of him. I felt small. I was seventeen and had reached my full height of 5’10” one of my brothers was a little taller. I didn’t know what to say so I said your so big and tall. He laughed, he had a deep voice, and said to me,” I’m tall but my hands and feet aren’t as big as people my size normally are.” That broke the ice and we talked, he showed us his hands then we stood by him to have our picture taken.  Mark lifted his arm to shoulder level and we stood under it next to him. We looked like little children standing there by him. What a great guy Mark Eaton was.

Mom had a picture of us standing by Mark Eaton but recently she had a fire and all her pictures and precious things were destroyed . Now I only have that memory in my mind.













Pick and Roll

The first time I heard that phrase was when I was watching a Jazz game years ago. John Stockton and Carl Malone were one of the most amazing pick and roll teams I have ever seen. Stockton to Malone we called it. When we heard Hot Rod Hundley call that we were very certain there would be points on the score board. A pick and roll is an offensive play in which a player sets a screen { or pick} for a team mate and then slips behind the defender {the roll}  to accept the pass. Stockton and Malone were very good at it. stockton-and-malone-pickandroll-1 malone-stockton


astockton-to-maloneCoach Wissel has a website, www.coachwissel.com teaching the champions of tomorrow. He explains how the different Pick and Rolls work on his site.


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