Thoughts of a wandering Mind.






When I think of the people in the olden days and about how small they were, a thought came to me. They were running for their lives a lot and they were very hungry a lot of their lives as well. We have plenty to eat and we don’t have to move around all the time to stay a live. No wonder we grow bigger now days.





This morning I was watching my little dog play with a ball. She was spinning around and around and I thought what would it be like to be so free and innocent? We can find some of that by cleansing our soul of mean and hateful things & always looking for the good in others. Self absorbed people aren’t happy, your most happy when you focus on others and help them have happiness in their lives.

I woke up thinking about social media today. I really think it would be hard to be a leader right now because when you make a mistake no one ever forgets. They just keep bringing it up on social media and stirring the pot. Don’t get me wrong, I like staying connected with my friends and family on the internet. When I first set up my Facebook I connected with my cousin I hadn’t talked to in 20 years. That was awesome, and I like the fun and positive stories I see, I just feel like we need to drop some things and be more positive about people. How would you like to be the President were everyone twists what you say and changes what you mean by it. It would be very frustrating don’t you think? You would always be on the defensive. How would you get things done that needed to be done? I didn’t vote for our current President but I’m willing to give him a chance and see if I like him as the President are you?

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